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Give in a way that provides life changing interventions that improve the conditions of vulnerable Canadian populations for good!

Your contribution is more than a donation; it is how we will work together to build inclusive communities all across Canada.

Yoga Service and Accessibility Canada offers a direct response to the growing number of Canadian communities that demand sustainable yoga programs that are crucial to the well being of the vulnerable populations they service.

Your donations will:

  • Generate renewable yoga resources for vulnerable populations in social service programs
  • Supplement funding for yoga teachers and therapists to coordinate programming that offers improved communication, standards of practice and scope of practice within the broader Canadian yoga professional setting.
  • Improve research through access funding and supply of quality teachers.
  • Help establish partnerships in social service programs that pair yoga with other skill set training in: leadership, social justice, rehabilitation, education and job training.
  • Provide funding for job placements for yoga professionals nationwide.

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