Yoga Service and Accessibility Canada is a National Association dedicated to providing sustainable yoga programs throughout Canada. We support new and established yoga based organizations that pair a yoga teacher/practitioner with local community in schools, senior centers, mental wellness centers, prisons, shelters, accessible charitable programs and many more. We are the hub community partners can seek out to access these non-profit programs, and offer oversight to ensure teachers maintain high standards and quality integrative instruction. We connect research opportunities, training programs, and qualified organizations to communities that see the value of ongoing yoga access. Our goal is to ensure every teacher is equipped with the skill set non-profit yoga organizations require to service their local communities, and get the funding they need to maintain their work. We seek to connect both public and private funding to the much needed work happening in these groundbreaking nonprofits, and support them in maintaining integrity of program and long term sustainable outcomes.


This membership is for anyone: a student, a healthcare professional, a researcher, or a yoga teacher. You are listed in a directory, and get to participate in multiple programs and upcoming events. For teachers, this is ideal for listing your business and gain access to special services and products.  You can sign up as a volunteer, or request a teacher for your program and area. $40


This membership is for existing non-profits, studios or communities that want to grow their existing programs. It is also for programs looking for improvements and research opportunities. $125


This membership is for anyone looking to become a sponsor partner directly with the Yoga Service and Accessibility Canada. $300

benefits of membership

Below are a list of ways membership can benefit you right now and also projects and campaigns that are in development. The more we come together, the better we can serve one another.


job placement

We provide areas for job listing and seek to expand this area as we build the organization. We also seek to create a standard of practice that anyone offering yoga services can provide their qualifications and register on the directory.  

literary journal

We publish current research and articles discussing issues facing Canadians. We feature organizations that demonstrate how yoga can be of service, and invite members to write for the Journal.  

volunteer opportunities

We offer multiple areas for volunteers to get involved for receiving yoga instruction, participating in research, and getting experience in key areas of the organization.

Programs in deveLopment

Check back to see the new and exciting programs being launched for 2018/2019.

national office



10 AM – 2 PM



+(613) 876 0203



100 Brock St, Gananoque ON, Canada