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Become a Sponsor Partner of Yoga Service and Accessibility Canada

An Introduction

There are two types of Partners that are ideal for us to work with: A Community Social Service Program, and a Public or Private entity Donors that invest in long term measurable outcomes.

Community Social Service Programs are those that seek to have a yoga program that won’t vanish overnight. Financing ongoing yoga programs are difficult for many programs that service the following sectors:

  • School programs at the preschool, elementary and high school levels
  • Disability service programs
  • Native American and Indigenous programs
  • Veteran service and Military programs
  • LGBTQIA service programs
  • Mental Health and Addictions recovery programs
  • Hospital social service programs
  • Prison and Transition housing programs
  • Shelter for homeless and women programs
  • Immigration service programs

We know that sometimes funding is available if limited and short term. This means a program must rely heavily on volunteers, who may be under qualified or fail to attend. This reduces interest in developing programs with low success rates. We believe in assisting with meeting the funding gaps, working with teachers to establish reasonable rates of service and receiving qualified training. Often programs can be integrated directly through our programs that can train your staff, thus reducing costs significantly.

Public or Private entity Donors: We know you have the heart and the interest, but we also know your money doesn’t grow on trees: you have stakeholders and oversight that means it’s important your investment goes somewhere. We want you to choose us as your primary funding source for all things yoga: investing in us means you get to help thousands of programs Nation wide receive the support needed to continue life saving work. Yoga needs more research to prove to your organization the benefits and importance of yoga. We pair programs with research opportunities to measure and track the success of these programs. We already know yoga increases self-regulation, stress resilience, weight and pain management. Now we connect you to the research that results in reduction of Opioid addiction, improved concentration for school study, manages low back pain and much more.

community benefits

Community Access
Discount Services
Direct Access
Social Media Support
Hiring Services
Regional Networking
Proposal Access to funding

donor benefits

Discount Services
Direct Access
Social Media Network
Advertising Placement Donor Recognition
Social Media Network
Report on Investment Growth

Step 1

Sign up to our Newsletter. There’s no pressure to join today. Take your time to learn more about us, and find out what works for you. Come volunteer for us before you sign up – becoming a volunteer member has great benefits!

Step 2

When you;re ready to take the leap, register and pay the $300 fee. Your monies go to the maintenance of the organization, and access to the “Members Only” section, where we’ve curated lots of great opportunities for you to try.

Step 3

Get involved. Apply to host. Contribute articles and blog posts. Support other Sponsor Partners and network toward building a stronger community together.


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