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An Introduction

We want to partner with you, an existing and established non-profit, and assist you with funding and research. We also want to work at a streamlined process so teachers come to you fully trained and able to assist with the work you do and other non-profit organization programs with similar goals. We believe it takes a special relationship between an organization and a yoga non-profit to work, and supplementing the income of those teachers could mean the difference between hiring substandard teachers or maintaining excellence.

Our long term objective is to provide networking and resource sharing opportunities between yoga non-profits. There is no need to become overly competitive when a similar nonprofit is in another province. We create opportunities to get together to share ideas and learn from each other’s mistakes. It can mean a big difference between struggling for one to two more years or building long term success.

What you’ll want

Community Access
Streamlined Funding
Direct Access
Access to Research
Hiring Services
Regional Networking
Business Services
Medical and Dental
Retirement Investment
Supplemental funding for teacher retention

volunteer benefits

Discount Services
Direct Access
Social Media Network
Certificate of Recognition

Step 1

Sign up to our Newsletter. There’s no pressure to join today. Take your time to learn more about us, and find out what works for you. Come volunteer for us before you sign up – becoming a volunteer member has great benefits!

Step 2

When you’re ready to take the leap, register and pay the $125 fee. Your monies go to the maintenance of the organization, and access to the “Members Only” section, where we’ve curated lots of great opportunities for you to try.

Step 3

Get involved. Join a local initiative. Take part in an event. Apply to host. Contribute articles and blog posts. Get business, community and online support.


national office hours


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+(613) 876 0203



100 Brock St, Gananoque
ON, Canada