Business Services

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What are the benefits of a YSAC report?

  • Get an outsiders unbiased view of your business
  • Get a chance to receive concrete “next step” ideas to inspire and innovate
  • Improve your chances of successful growth
  • Learn how to attract better business opportunities or recalibrate your business in a successful direction


Thank you for your interest in the Yoga Service and Accessibility Canada Business Services. You don’t have to be a yoga company (or even a yoga teacher) to join us. We want to ensure inclusive yoga resources are made available to anyone who wants them!

Once you’ve paid the initial fee, a consultant will be in touch with you to conduct an interview to get a better picture of where you’re at. This is your chance to tell someone in confidence all your hopes and fears and goals for succeeding as a yoga service provider. You will then receive a detailed report based on the interview, a quote on a recommended range of services tailored to your specific requirements, and much more.