Mentor Program

$125.00 $80.00

What are the benefits of joining YSAC mentorship?

  • Work one on one with an experienced teacher
  • Get access to initiatives, events and member benefits
  • Build local community through shared ideas
  • Work with a group of teachers in a confidential and professional environment
  • Hone your skill set and grow your business


Thank you for your interest in joining the mentor program. Once you’ve made this initial purchase, we will set you up with your first mentor. You don’t have to be a yoga teacher (or even an aspiring one!) to get access to a mentor. We want to ensure inclusive yoga resources are made available to anyone who wants them!

Once your fee is paid, we will send you a survey and assessment form. Please fill this out as honestly as possible to ensure the best mentor match for you.

Note: If you are seeking to become a mentor, you must be a YSAC member and go through a comprehensive vetting process. Only successful candidates will be mentors that require a periodical review and upgrading of skill set as needed.