Regional Support

$515.00 $495.00

What are the benefits of regional sponsorship?

  • You give direct support to a program in a province or territory that typically is underfunded
  • You are directly improving the resources of an existing program
  • You receive a detailed report of the program you funded
  • You receive one of our Journals that lists you as a Sponsor


Do you know the benefits of yoga and how it can help transform lives? Do you want to see the health benefits go to rural Canadian communities, and not just big city programs?

Sponsor a region in Canada today.

This donation gives a community access to programs that are already established in that Province or Territory, but provides direct support to rural and less populous areas of Canada that typically rely on 100% volunteer support. Even then, volunteer programs still need:

  1. New equipment: some programs don’t even have yoga mats
  2. Community outreach information: some areas need to advertise in local media to get better exposure
  3. Improvement in the promotion of the local yoga business community: some programs already have qualified teachers, and this funding can hire those professionals.
  4. Efficacy in learning outcome: rural areas are rarely included in research studies. This source of funding can directly benefit programs that require more access to funding and purchase improved assessments of their programs.