Research Contributor


What are the benefits of funding research?

  • You give direct support to a research project that contributes directly to efficacy of healthcare in Canada
  • You are directly improving the research on alleviating conditions in vulnerable sectors in Canada
  • You receive one of our Journals that lists you as a Sponsor


You know yoga can heal, but can you prove it? Here’s your chance to make a big difference in the improvement of research in yoga. By making this specific donation, your funding goes directly to a YSAC research project.

Support research in Canada now.

This gives a community research project the needed funds to conduct key metrics for both short and long term peer reviewed studies within Canada. This funding promotes the wellness and health of Canadians nationwide.

Note: while Sponsors do not cover the full costs of conducting the research, they are a much needed source of funding. The unfunded costs are typically subsidized through university, school, department and faculty contributions. Subsidies may include equipment purchases, start up funds for faculty, seed funding for new research ideas, service center subsidies, stipend allowance for Research Assistants, and other methods of financial assistance.